Black Jesus

Season 1-3 Complete

Romeo ThomazJanuary 7, 2022

Adult Swim is never afraid to go beyond the boundaries of what most people consider good taste, so the not-necessarily-PC premise of this show shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Black Jesus’ spotlights Jesus living in modern-day Compton, California, trying to spread love and kindness throughout his neighbourhood on a daily basis. Mostly assisting in his mission is a small-but-loyal group of downtrodden followers. The live-action series was created by Aaron McGruder, who previously brought the animated favouriteThe Boondocks’ to Adult Swim.
No. of seasons: 3
No. of episodes: 31 (list of episodes)
Created by: Aaron McGruder; Mike Clattenburg
Original network: Adult Swim
Production companies: 5 Mutts; Triage Entertainment; Mainstay Entertainment (season 3); Williams Street
Editor: Jean Crupper (season 3)

Season 1

s01e01: | 480p|

s01e02: | 480p|

s01e03: | 480p|

s01e04: | 480p|

s01e05: | 480p|

s01e06: | 480p|

s01e07: | 480p|

s01e08: | 480p|

s01e09: | 480p|

s01e10: | 480p|

Season 2

s02e01: | 480p|

s02e02: | 480p|

s02e03: | 480p|

s02e04: | 480p|

s02e05: | 480p|

s02e06: | 480p|

s02e07: | 480p|

s02e08: | 480p|

s02e09: | 480p|

s02e10: | 480p|

s02e11: | 480p|

Season 3

s03e01: | 480p | 720p |

s03e02: | 480p | 720p |

s03e03: | 480p | 720p |

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