Marvels Iron Fist

Season 2 Complete

Romeo ThomazJanuary 8, 2022

Release Date: 2017
Genre: Adventure, Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi
Product: America
Score: 8.6 / 10
Broadcast Channel: Netflix America
Synopsis: Danny Rand is a wealthy city in New York who travels to Tibet with his parents in childhood. But before they reach their destination, their plane crashes and their parents lose their lives in the accident. Danny is saved by the people of Kanland and they learn Kung Fu techniques and ultimately nicknamed “iron fist” (iron fist) for his abilities. After reaching puberty, Danny returns to New York City, and controls the company’s $ 100 million father again and simultaneously tries to clear the city in its own way of crime.

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s01e01.mp4 s01e02.mp4 s01e03.mp4 s01e04.mp4 s01e05.mp4 s01e06.mp4 s01e07.mp4 s01e08.mp4 s01e09.mp4 s01e10.mp4 s01e11.mp4 s01e12.mp4 s01e13.mp4


Marvels Iron Fist S02E01-The Fury of Iron Fist.mkv     
Marvels Iron Fist S02E02-The City's Not for Bur..>     
Marvels Iron Fist S02E03-This Deadly Secret.mkv        
Marvels Iron Fist S02E04-Target Iron Fist.mkv          
Marvels Iron Fist S02E05-Heart of the Dragon.mkv       
Marvels Iron Fist S02E06-The Dragon Dies at Daw..>     
Marvels Iron Fist S02E07-Morning of the Mindsto..>     
Marvels Iron Fist S02E08-Citadel on the Edge of..>     
Marvels Iron Fist S02E09-War Without End.mkv           
Marvels Iron Fist S02E10-A Duel of Iron.mkv

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