Day of the Dead

Romeo ThomazDecember 18, 2021

Plot: The intense story of six strangers trying to survive the first 24 hours of an undead invasion. This ode to George A. Romero’s famous flesh-eaters reminds us that sometimes all it takes to bring people together is a horde of hungry zombies trying to rip them apart.

Starring:Keenan Tracey,Daniel Doheny,Natalie Malaika,
Morgan Holmstrom
Kristy Dawn Dinsmore
Country of origin:United States
Original language:English
No. of seasons:1
No. of episodes:1
Executive producers:Stan Spry,Jeff Holland,Drew Brown
Production companies:Cartel Entertainment,HiTide Studios
Original network:Syfy
Original release:October 15, 2021 –

Season 1

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E01: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E02: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E03: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E04: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E05: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E06: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E07: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E08: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E09: 720px265 | 480p

Day.of.the.Dead:S01.E10: 720px265 | 480p

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