Young lady and A Gentleman

Season 1 Episode 34

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Lee Young-Kook (Ji Hyun-Woo) is a widower with three children. He still hasn’t gotten over the death of his wife. He decides to hire Park Dan-Dan (Lee Se-Hee) as a live-in tutor for his kids and he becomes attracted to her. Meanwhile, Park Dan-Dan has bright and positive personality despite her harsh situation.


  • Drama: Young Lady and Gentleman (English title) / Gentleman and Young Lady (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Shinsawa Agassi
  • Hangul: 신사와 아가씨
  • Director: Shin Chang-Seok
  • Writer: Kim Sa-Kyung
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 50
  • Release Date: September 25, 2021 – 2022
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Season 1

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E01: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E02: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E03: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E04: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E05: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E06: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E07: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E08: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E09: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E10: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E11: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E12: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E13: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E14: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E15: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E16: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E17: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E18: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E19: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E20: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E21: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E22: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E23: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E24: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E25: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E26: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E27: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E28: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E29: 480p | MP4

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E30: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E31: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E32: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E33: 480p

Young.lady.and.Gentleman.S01.E34: 480p

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