Dark Hole

Romeo ThomazOctober 30, 2021

A mysterious black fog from a petrochemical factory’s sinkhole turns people into bizarre figures; people who are not infected try to survive in this middle of pandemonium.

No. of episodes: 12

Starring: Kim Ok-vinLee Joon-hyuk

Genre: Thriller; Mystery; Fantasy

Original language: Korean

Original network: OCNtvN

Production companies: Kiwi Media Group; WooSang Film

Season 1


Dark.Hole.E01.HDTV.540p.mkv217.2 MiB2021-Apr-30 16:23
Dark.Hole.E02.HDTV.540p.mkv244.4 MiB2021-May-01 16:55
Dark.Hole.E03.HDTV.540p.mkv220.5 MiB2021-May-07 16:39
Dark.Hole.E04.HDTV.540p.mkv222.3 MiB2021-May-08 18:45
Dark.Hole.E05.HDTV.540p.mkv271.9 MiB2021-May-14 16:48
Dark.Hole.E06.HDTV.540p.mkv232.3 MiB2021-May-15 15:44
Dark.Hole.E07.HDTV.540p.mkv272.2 MiB2021-May-21 15:53
Dark.Hole.E08.HDTV.540p.mkv280.3 MiB2021-May-22 17:10
Dark.Hole.E09.HDTV.540p.mkv264.4 MiB2021-May-28 16:07
Dark.Hole.E10.HDTV.540p.mkv239.4 MiB2021-May-29 16:22
Dark.Hole.E11.HDTV.540p.mkv215.6 MiB2021-Jun-04 16:52
Dark.Hole.E12.HDTV.540p.mkv236.9 MiB2021-Jun-05 16:35

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